This was first produced at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London in 2002, and then also at the Battersea Arts Centre, directed by Gemma Sessions, and performed by Rob Parry, Genevieve Swallow and me. It was re-staged in 2003 at the Latchmere Theatre with Roger Ringrose and Darren Charlton as ‘me’.

A monologue by ‘Glyn’, this was a very personal piece, born out of a dare by my friend, Tassos Stevens, to write a ‘stand-up’ piece of drama as myself. I cheated, and added two characters, and created a story about fear - mine of flying (sort of true) and in the characters’ case, an accidental pregnancy and a fear of the future.

That dare was in August 2001, so I was literally thinking about plane crashes on the morning of 11th September 2001, when Gemma rang me to tell me to switch on the news. It made me stop writing initially, but then writing about fear and terror became kind of essential, so I finished it.