Short Plays

I’ve written a number of shorter plays, mostly for The Miniaturists, but also for other stagings in New York and Sydney. I've also made a few things a bit less play-like, whatever you want to call them, and I've included those here chronologically as well.

Talk Over

The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, July 2018, peformed by Macy Nyman and Mary Stewart, directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson. A heated pupil-teacher conference where nobody is particularly listening to each other.

The Miniaturist

The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, April 2011, performed by Dan March, Victoria Moseley and Richard Glaves, directed by Glyn Cannon. The collision of an IVF consultant with a couple of his consultees.

Presume Who?

Stoke Newington International Airport @ Forest Fringe, Edinburgh, August 2009 & Arcola Theatre, Feb 2010. This was my contribution to STK’s Live Art Speed Date, involving a hastily modified version of Guess Who?, and no questions allowed about gender or appearance. With a twist.


The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, Nov 2008, performed by Raquel Cassidy, Miranda Cook, Andrew Brooke & Milo Twomey, directed by Glyn Cannon. The description of a possible sexual assault, repeated by four performers, then two, then one.

All Photography is a Limp Salute to Death

Stoke Newington International Airport (RIP), London, November 2008, performed by Glyn Cannon & Greg McLaren & Lewis Barfoot (voluntarily!). This was a short piece in memoriam of the Polaroid camera, using a big polyboard frame, and a unprepared volunteer from the audience (which in this case was Lewis).

The 23 Greatest Moments of Dave

The Miniaturists @ Forest Fringe, Edinburgh, Aug 2009
Performed by Colin Hoult, Damien Lynch, Victoria Moseley, Jonathan Donahoe & Daniel Benoliel, directed by Glyn Cannon
The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, Feb 2008, directed by Rob Crouch
Short + Sweet, Seymour Centre, Sydney, Feb 2008, directed by Anne-Louise Rentell
The edited highlights of the adventures of Dave, office worker.


The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, July 2007, performed by Charlotte Asprey, directed by Glyn Cannon, a recorded play for live performance, playing on recorded mobile phone announcements.

Death of the Small Independent Retailer

The Miniaturists, Liverpool Everyman, Liverpool, June 2007 Performed by Alan Stocks, Steven Cartait & Laura-Kate Frances, directed by Joe Austin
The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, Sep 2007
Mind The Gap (US), Sanford Meisner Theatre, New York, April 2008
The Miniaturists @ Latitude Festival, Suffolk, July 2008
The Miniaturists, Cornerstone Festival, Liverpool, Nov 2008
A would-be writer in a bit of state knocks a domino run of bookcases onto the owner of a small, failing bookshop. Headline I saw put up in a shop window, not a Miller reference…

The Depth

The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, Feb 2007
Performed by Genevieve Swallow, Victoria Moseley, Trudi Jackson, Emma Powell, Simon Muller, Al Constantine & Alex Blake, directed by Hannah Eidinow
Drunken fallout of an extra-marital whim at a wedding reception, written in haiku.


Nabokov @ The Old Red Lion, London, January 2006
Performed by Nicky Gibbs, Dominic Fitch and Pericles Snowdon
Sort of a play about euthanasia, for Nabokov’s Present:Tense evenings, but with all the dialogue (recorded by Genevieve Swallow) played in front of the performers on cassettes without them entirely knowing what was going to happen. In the end, a member of the audience eventually gets up and stops the performance, or it lasts a very long time…

The Flood

The Miniaturists, Southwark Playhouse, London, Sep 2005
Performed by Genevieve Swallow & Rob Crouch, directed by Rob Crouch
Mind The Gap ( (US), Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, Sep 2007
In the middle of a massive flood in a Southern US state, a housewife brutally murders her oppressive husband. Sort of about Republicanism. Sort of.


Paines Plough Wild Lunch, Young Vic Theatre, London, 2004 Directed by Vicky Featherstone
Inspired by a trip to a Poland, story about a sad Russian plastics salesman, a German high-class escort, a Polish waitress and a creepy Welsh Professional Mystery Shopper.