Short Films

With the collaboration of some very fine people over the years, I've made a few short films, some of them fairly silly:


Bad day for a London tour guide and his group…
Cast: Alex Kirk, Kerry Gilbert & Lizzie Bates
Written, Edited & Directed by Glyn Cannon

The Sketch

Short made for a 48hour film challenge with some odd stipulations (explains the hats). Very silly.
Cast: Zoe Gardner, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Thom Tuck
Music: James Fortune & Georgina Howson
Produced: Zoe Gardner & Glyn Cannon
Written, Directed, Edited: Glyn Cannon


Cast: Zoe Gardner and Colin Hoult
with Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, Alex Kirk, Gemma Leader, Simon Muller, Leisa Rea

Written by Zoe Gardner & Glyn Cannon
Edited & Directed by Glyn Cannon


This is promo clips from a show I was developing with my good friends, Michael J Sheehy and James Fortune, filmed at the National Theatre Studio in 2010.